Cisco 1700 With 1ENET WIC Card

I have a Cisco 1720 router and I am trying to install a 1ENET WIC card in slot 0. My IOS version is 12.1(7) with a MPC 860 processor. When I power the router up I get the following error: %PQUICC-I-UNKNOWN_WIC: PQUICC(0), WIC has an unknown ID of 0xFF. What can I do to get this WIC to work in my router. It is a router used to learn the IOS and not a production router. Thanks, Mike St.Clair

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Charles St.Clair
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Charles St.Clair wrote in news:

Only certain versions of the IOS support the WIC-1ENET. I have successfully used 12.2(3)XT2 (only supports 1 in slot 0) and 12.2(11)T10 (supports 2).

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Jerry Bacon

The IOS does not recognize the WIC that is plugged into the module.

The Cisco WIC-1ENET card requires Cisco IOS Release 12.2(2)XJ or later if the card is installed in any WIC slot other than slot 0 or if more than one card is installed.

The card can be used with minimum Cisco IOS Release 12.2(4)T, but the card must be installed in slot 0 and only one Cisco WIC-1ENET card can be installed in the router.

Also, the MPC 860 microprocessor (revision B5 or later) is required. Confirm the revision using the show version

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