Sup 2 MSFC2 and uRPF, and Full BGP feed...

So these three things keep bouncing around my head, hopefully someone can shed light.

I have a 6509 with Sup2 MSFC2 with 512Mb of the Sup, and 512Mb on the MSFC2 card.

I assumed that my Sup2 would be able to handle the full BGP routing table feed (approx 200k routes). Then I did some digging, and it looks like that is not the case.

I found some discussion that indicated with uRPF disabled, a Sup2 MSFC2 can only handle about 140k routes, and with uRPF enabled, it can handle 240k routes. The only official thing I found from Cisco was that the Sup32 can handle a max of 256k routes, but cant find the literature for the Sup2.

My question is, why would enabling uRPF allow the unit handle more routes?

Or should I simply give up the idea of handling a full BGP route feed, and simply take my ISP's partial feed until I upgrade to Sup720's.... My three ISP's are among the big boys, so partial routes (ISP plus the ISPs other customers) may be enough to give me some decent traffic intelligence on routing.

Thanks John

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