ACS Ver 3.3.1 - Downloadable ACLs to Cisco IOS router.


I am in need of help . I have been trying to configure my ACS 3.3.2 so that it would download ACL on my Cisco Router NAS. I have found some sample configurations with both Tacacs and Radius. Both of them did not work I expected.

Cisco said that this feature have been implemented in the ACS 3.2 and later Version and IOS 12.3.7(T) release.

Did somebody out there have this feature tested? Did it work ?

Please inform if there some way to get this thing running.



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ray borg
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Hi, how are u Ray, infact i have been working on the same..can u please send me over the router configurations that you have tried even if they dont work..i just want to have a look on thme .. thanx Regards Adnan

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Adnan Masood

hello adnan

I have suceeded in downloading the acls on router. I had some sytax mistakes and got to know that downloadable acls are only possible through Radius attribute cisco-av-pair (009/001). The "download acl " is only for PIX and Concentrators Therefore I have decided to use the above attributes which also have served the case.



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