Catalyst 3750 EMI and BGP

Hello- So I'm looking to get my hands on a 3750 EMI unit for the purpose of doing BGP to 3 or 4 ISPs. I intend to have about about 3 dozen machines directly attached to it (by way of trunking to 2950 switches), and probably four to eight /24's. Is this unit going to be sufficient? I've used the SMI version for doing static routing before, but I'd like to make the jump to BGP in order to add redundancy. If I wanted to go with something beefier, what would be the next logical step up from the 3750s?

Here's a bit more detail as to what I want to do...

I'd like to have one main ISP which carries most of my traffic and will provide me with little /24's which I will route myself. I also plan to have 2-3 other smaller ISPs whom I only plan to use as "paid peering" (I'm buying transit to them, but the only traffic I want to come in on those links are direct customers of those ISPs.) Beyond this requirement, nothing special. I intend to use the ACL and VLAN maps as I have on the SMI switches will doing static routing.

Thanks for your help.

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