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Hi All,

I am searching for a way to make source routing of Ips of my network to my bgp neighbors. Currently, i force the traffic to a specific neighbor.

Configuration :

access-list 150 permit ip host any

route-map test permit 10 match ip address 150 set ip next-hop #( Transit 1 )

interface Vlan55 ip policy route-map test

I want to have a more flexible solution for that.

Example : | |

-------------> | | ---------> Transit 1 ( local-pref 90) | BGP | | Router | ---------> Transit 2 ( local-pref 100) | |

-------------> | | ---------> Peer with A ( local-pref 105 ) | | ---------> Peer with B ( local-pref 110 )

I want the outbound traffic which ip source address is to be able to reach all networks depending on the neighbor local-pref parameters. ( This solution currently work )

I want the outbound traffic which ip source address is to not be able to go through "Transit 2" and "Peer with A".

Any help or pointers towards a solution will also be greatly appreciated.




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don't need a policy map for this, just let it fall through to the routing-based forwarding (= don't do anything specific about this address).

you can use 'verify-availability' as described in "Policy Based Routing with the Multiple Tracking Options Feature Configuration Example"

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however this will not take into consideration individual networks reachable via particular peer (that is you can't switch traffic based also on destinations unless it's small set of arbitrary destinations).

Kind regards, iLya

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Charlie Root

Hi ILya,

Thanks for your rep>>I want the outbound traffic which ip source address is to be

I dont want to verify the availability of a particular link. I just want to create some specific routing policy for some address of my network through my ebgp routes.

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the problem with this is that only route with best metric (local-pref) will make it into the routing table (bgp table itself is not used for forwarding decisions, it only installs best path into the routing table).

the only solution comes to my mind is to use VRF for each of this addresses and for each of your peer links, then define policy which routes are exchanged between VRFs. But I wouldn't do it - you surely will end up with at least double increase in memory requirements (to keep at least two copies of the routing table). I haven't tried this yet (but actually curious to try it in the lab when I have time), so can't be sure what other caveats are there and if it going to work at all.

Kind regards, iLya

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