Catalyst 3750 Static Routes

I am attempting to enable routing on a Catalyst 3750 (EMI) switch. I only need to do static routing, currently routing is entirely disabled.

And the default gateway is set to :

The network that is routed to this gateway is and the routing is done through a PIX515E.

Here is a diagram:

[] | | ([] PIX []) | | []

This is all done with one switch and two VLANs.

Nodes on the network have as their default gateway. The PIX uses as its default route.

I have another network,, that I want to connect to this switch, and allow for IP traffic between and

The network is connected to a Cisco 2960 switch, which is unlinked to the 3750 switch.

I've been pouring over the 3750s Configuration Guide and I think I've figured out the proper sequence of commands to enable this type of routing.

Here are the commands:

3750>ip routing 3750>route static 3750>ip route 1 3750>ip route 1 and are both ports in VLAN 2.

Will this configuration properly route IP traffic destined for outside networks to, IP traffic destined for to and IP traffic destined for to the right node on the switch?

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Chris Heller
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No it is not resolved, and likely never will be.

I unfortunately am in a dilemma because the network, hosts a service that contractually cannot go down ever (or very close to ever).

And I have no test network at the moment. Playing with the production network is impossible.

So the next best thing is to just put a FE (or GiE) router between to two networks and call it a day.

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Chris Heller

Does this 3750 switch have ip address from all the subnets? If it has you need only ip routing, if you need some network to be routed to pix, you should use ip route net mask and_next_hop_address_pix Put show runn here.

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Hey there,

You need to bear in mind that the "ip default-gateway" command does NOT mean the same as "ip route"

LH CCIE#15331

Make wrote:

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The network does not need to be routed to the pix, it only needs to communicate with the network.

The network does need to route to the pix, but that is accomplished by setting the default route on each node to the pix IP
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Chris Heller

This appears to be a trivial problem for anyone who has been in this for a bit however I can't understand the requirements.

If you can post a better diagram of the required design then I will assist.

3750>ip routing 3750>ip route 3750>ip route May be closer.
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Hi Chris,

No this will not work. What you need to do is create a new vlan on the 3750. Link the 2960 to the 3750 using a 3750-port configured for the new vlan. Configure "interface vlan [new-vlan-number]" on the 3750 and assign it an ip address in the range. Have hosts on the range use this address as their default gateway. Configure "interface vlan 2" on the 3750 and assign it an ip address in the range. Have hosts on the range use this address as their default gateway. Enable ip routing on the 3750 (ip routing) Add a route to the pix for to send traffic to the ip address of the 3750 (10.10.66.x). Add a default route to the 3750 to use Configure the pix to nat traffic for traffic when forwarding to the internet.


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