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Hello Group!

I've got a difficult task (for me) with the ASA5505. We want to use the ASA on several locations around the world. Because the different locations have different ways to access the internet we must find a simple way to connect the ASA to the internet which fits most (probably all) variations we will encounter. So we had the idea to use port-forwarding from the routers which are installed at the different locations to our ASAs. I'm now testing this solution but there are several Problems. First of all, this ist the test-configuration:

Draytek 2930 router connected via fixed IP to the Internet. On the Draytek I added port-forwarding from 40000 to the ASA port 443. Behind the ASA we have several services (webserver -> port 80, windows remote desktop, vnc ...) which we want to access.

When I type in the internet-address of the Draytek and add port 40000 I see the ASAs login page. Login is possible without problems. Bookmarks to webservers behind the ASA seem to work fine (as long as the response html-code is not to buggy, which "destroys" the opened site in ASA (buttons on the upper left doesn't show up, the site is blank, html-code of the page ends abnormal)). Now I've tried the AnyConnect but when I click the link to start AnyConnect I get an timeout. I wasn't able to get this problem solved. Any Ideas how to get AnyConnect to work behind the first router via port-forwarding?

Thank you for your attention. Steffen mauch

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Steffen Mauch
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