Anyone know what "L1 ERR IF_ACTIVE" means?

Does anyone know what "L1 ERR IF_ACTIVE" means in IOS?

Possibly similar messages during a real L1 problem: ISDN BR0: Physical layer is IF_DOWN ISDN BR0: L1 persistent Deactivated ISDN BR0: L1 is IF_ACTIVE

Saying L1 _is_ "IF_ACTIVE" when it is down and not activated seems odd...

Message appears occasionally on a working router while no calls are active: ISDN BR0: TX -> RRp sapi = 0 tei = 68 nr = 21 ISDN BR0: RX RRp sapi = 0 tei = 69 nr = 1 ISDN BR0: RX

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Loren Amelang
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