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I have a couple of 760 series ISDN routers here, one of which does exactly what I want. The other, try as I might, I can not get working properly.

Although I can dial in, authenticate, and am assigned an IP address (IPCP) I'm unable to reach the remote network over TCP/IP (using unnumbered routing as per the docs). I've played with both IP routing and PAT options but to no avail. TCP connections simply hang after the SYN is sent as there's no reply from the other end. I've snooped around the configuration and everything seems to be identical, although there must be an elusive difference lurking somewhere. I've also tried a completely separate router, starting from the default configuration after a full reset.

Does this ring any bells? If not, is there a way to dump the configurations of both routers (e.g. to a file) so I can compare them more easily? I've checked the manual and command reference but found nothing of use.

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I've forgotten almost everything I ever knew about the 700s, but I can still find my old hints and tips folder ... I never throw anything out.

UPLOAD shows the config.

not sure what your issue is though, this doesn't ring a bell. Following is a "canonical" example config for a typical ISP setup ...



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Aaron Leonard

Thanks very much, Aaron - that's exactly what I needed! I completely overlooked that command as it seemed to me I wanted to do the exact opposite. Nevermind - I've dumped both configs to files and diff-ing them shows a few subtle differences I can now investigate further.

All looks remarkably similar to what I had/have, and not far from the example in the user guide. In any case, thanks to "upload" I at least have a backup of a working config I can re-use as necessary.

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