3Meg Internet Connection have 2 Router Choices...

We are upgrading our HQ Office to a 6 Meg Internet Connection and the Branch office to a 3Meg internet Connection.

HQ is going to get a new Cisco Router from the ISP and the Branch office has a choice between the Old HQ Intenet Router and Another.

The below are my two choices, Yukon and Hermie. Which should I choose as my Gateway to the internet that will have 2 T1s connected to it?

Thanks! Scott

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Scott Townsend
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I vote for Hermie as you can still get new IOS releases for it :-))

You probably want to upgrade the code to more recent 12.3 image before redeploying.

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Thanks for your Vote. I was leaning towards Hermie, though he's the unit Currently in use. I'll have to wait till the new HQ is up Solid, before I redeploy him.

No Guesses on the names? (-;


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Scott Townsend

Hermie, no question about it. It's not EOL yet! The plain ole 2620 is.

Hermie wanted to be a dentist. Yukon Corneleous was looking for gold.

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Brian V

The End-of-sales/ End-of-life announcement on the 2600XM series just went out

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Rod Dorman

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