How to operate 2 connection to one router ??

Hi ever one

I have 2 connection from router 2811 to isp but i cant operate only one to internet . how i can operate the second

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| Hi ever one | | I have 2 connection from router 2811 to isp but i cant operate only | one to internet . | how i can operate the second

What exactly do you want to do with the second connection? You can configure it as a standby internet link using the IP SLA feature. When the first internet link would go down the router would automaticaly switch to the second.

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There are many combinations for your question :

  1. your router to one ISP
  2. your router to two individual ISPs

Which option ?

Further to your questions:

  1. do you have own IP subnets ( not loaned from local ISP ) ?
  2. do you have own BGP ASN number ?

If "no" to the above questions, you may have the following questions:

  1. two network links for incoming traffic only ?
  2. two network links for outgoing traffic only ? ( WAN load-balancer is OK )
  3. two network links for both incoming and outgoing traffic ? ( further discussion )
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HI Thank you for your reply What I have are 2 connection. the first is leased line with internet access and public IP. the second connection is ADSL, and both line connect to one router cisco 2811. my Q? are

1- How can I configure the 2 connection to work as load balance. 2- How can I configure the router to manage the traffic to use one of the connection depending on protocols to or ports ?



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Hi, you seem want to surf the internet only ( but no incoming traffic

-- no internet service to outsider ) ?

many solutions:

  1. floating static routing
  2. dynamic routings
  3. even route map


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No, I use the leased line for VPN connection to an other side and e- mail service like (Exchange OWA), and the ADSL for internet only.

Best Salim

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So you want the leased to sevice two purposes ( VPN and Exchange ) & and ADSL line for internet surfing ?

Not so difficult for this solution:

  1. VPN is one internet IP mapping + Exchange
  2. default route to ADSL line ( web surfing ) ( all IP routing excluding the item 1 services )

Due to IP addresses of item 1 are fixed ( loaned from the local ISP ? ):

  1. you can only do the load-sharing solution for these two lines; but no resilient network for IP VPN nor Exchange
  2. resilient network for internet surfing, if floating the default route...( but not the load-balance nor load-sharing for internet surfing )


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