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Hi, We are going to share our Internet connection feed with a WAN connection. The ISP will do it using VLAN. My plan is to bring the feed to a swtich which supports VLAN and then split it to ports with different VLN ID, and take the Internet to the outside PIX (515, 6.3). My question.... Is that doable? Do I need to change anything on PIX? Do you see any issue with VLANing and PIX as long as I use a swith to split VLANs. Thanks in advance for any help. Rob

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You should give consideration to encrypting the WAN traffic using IPSEC.

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No problems. Have fun.

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Lutz Donnerhacke

The PIX 515 running 6.3 software can handle several 802.1Q VLANs directly -- that is, you could trunk several VLANs to the 515 and configure "logical" interfaces and pull the VLANs off as if they were seperate physical interfaces. Whether you want to do that or not depends on whether you are providing security for the other VLANs or if they belong to other organizations.

If you are just using a plain stream out the 515 and the switch is encapsulating into a VLAN, then you *might* need to reduce the sysopt mss and/or the MTU by a few bytes, if there is any equipment in the path that does not know about the extended frame size that is often allowed for 802.1Q tagged packets.

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Walter Roberson

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