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Hello all: I have a wireless router (Xavi 7768 used by Spain's Telefónica company) that I connect to using a PackardBell laptop running xpPro. It all works fine except for the fact that at random intervals (sometimes hours, sometime minutes) the laptop is unable to open internet pages - they time out. I can still access the router, I can ping it, and restart it but nothing on the net. Won't ping

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for example nor will it ping a DNS address on the internet. I have the latest drivers for the network card in the laptop, Intel/ProSet 2200 and Service Pack 2 installed on the xpPro. I've upgraded to the latest firmware I can find for the router. Any ideas about why and what I can do about the breaks in connection? I can solve them by restarting the router, but I never know when it'll happen again. Thanks b

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