2924-XL Port Aggregation (port-channel)


Does anyone know if the 2924-XL supports port aggregation, I want to bundle 2 ports together to give a faster uplink to the rest of the network.

I have tried the commands:

conf t > interface port-channel 1

which if you type "interface ?" lists port-channel as an option - but it borks and complains at the command with the caret pointing to the "p" in port-channel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Steven Carr
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I don't have any 2924s, and couldn't find any explicit documentation on Cisco one way or another. I would presume if you have the command in your IOS, that you are good, but the error is a strange one. What version of code are you running? Hopefully a bug or something, but I'll continue looking at the 2924 documentation in the meantime.

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see Catalyst 2900 XL and Catalyst 3500 XL Software Configuration Guide, Release 12.0(5.x)WC1

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It appears that on the 2924 XL FastEthernet port aggregtion is ocnfigured wihtout using the interface port-chanel syntax

config t interface port group 1 distribution destination

interface port group 1 distribution destination end

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Thanks :) that seems to have worked for the 2924XL - now for the sparkly new 1801 router - don't suppose you have any idea for that? its running IOS 12.4(15)


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Steven Carr

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