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Hello I have a C3620 (16F/64D) IOS 12.3(24) IP/FRW/IDS PLUS that is doing the firewall /nat device for my lan.

My network is this:

Edge Router C2650 "dmz switch" HP Procurve 2512

hp switch -> (DMZ/wan side) Eth1/0-----NM4E --{C3620} --NM-1FE-TX--- LAN C2950T-24

Can I bound all the four port of the NM-4E (or even just 2 or 3) to form a single port? The answer should be yes using the bridge group.

If I eventually replace the HP Switch with a Cisco Catalyst 2912XL, could I bound multiple ETH ports on the NM4E to aggregate bandwidth? So I could transfer from the LAN (100mbit) to the DMZ side, at an higher speed?

Thank you

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In theory, it could work, but I don't know for sure because I've never tried it, and never would -:) Something easy that will work is purchase another NM-1FE You can get one for less than $200. The 3620 is not a very beefy router and you won't get more than about 20MB/s of throughput. Another solution is to buy a 2621 or a 2611XM, both have dual FastEthernets and have about the same throughput (maybe more) as a 3620.

You need to verify that a 2912XL support LACP in order to avoid MAC flapping if you go the NM-4E route.

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from cisco docs the 3620 has pps from 20k-40k (look for routerperformance.pdf docs)

? 261x 1,500 0.768 15,000 7.68 262x 0.768 25,000 12.80 265x 2,000 1.024 37,000 18.94

3620 2,000 1.024 20,000 - 40,000 10 - 20

The fact is that I got an unused C3620 :)

I may replace the C3620 with a C2650 (with max mem 32F/128D) to install 12.4 ADVSEC one integrated FE port and the NM1FETX

what should be the commands to do port aggregation, just to try?

thank you

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Don't be at all surprised if it doesn't work on your platform.

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In the cisco world port aggregation is called "Ether channeling" or "port channeling".

To access a specific port channel you access it just like any other interface.

config t int port chan 0

Now I am going off memory so it might be some variant of that but I am pretty sure I am close. Then to assign a port to the port group you simply go into whichever interface your interested in

int fa0/0 port group 0

and assign the port group you want it to belong to. Do this on each interface you want to have access to that channel group.

Im sure my little commands are off a bit because its been a while since I have set up ether channeling on cisco equipment. Back then only switches had this feature. I am not sure what the 3600 is capable of, and I am not sure if ether channeling will work with equipment from different vendors.

Do a google search on etherchannel or Port channel and you will find your answer I beleive. If I had access to a catalyst switch I could tell you the commands right now, but I dont! :)

Good luck

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Hello thank you to all of you for this important answers.

Of Course as I expected that things works on 12.4 on my 2600 routers, not on the 3620.

NOW I ask you:

what should be the use of a 3620 with 12.3(24) on it?

1FE port and 4xEth port?

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Do you have a boat?

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Uhm... no :)

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