2821/1811 Interface Question

I've been handed a 2821 and 20 1811's, and the task of replacing them by Jan 21. Merry Christmas, right. Here's my question:

The sites that utilize NAT have gone well, but I have some public networks that I have been instructed to leave as is. No NAT allowed. The reason being that there are some public servers that must not change. The current security device allows for a "Standard mode" which allows the device ip assigned to the wan interface to also be the ip on lan interface, and the network on the lan using the same range. I have a router (x.x.204.1), firewall (x.x.204.2), and lan on a range of say xxx.xxx.204.3-254. I have ran into the issue of not being able to assign ip's of the same subnet to two different interfaces. Is it possible to have the CISCO ISR to simulate the configuration of the current security device? If not, what are my options with restrictions placed on me by outside influences?

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I have ran into the issue of not being able to

configure the router in bridge mode and use a BVI interface to assign the IP address to the router.

for an example of using the Integrated routing and bridging feature (IRB), see the Cisco doc:

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