1811 failure

I have an 1811 that has gone sideways apparently - I pulled it off the shelf and it will boot, but I can only gain access from the aux port. When viewing from the console port, all I get are random ANSI characters, but it does appear to be booting. I've tried to find a good resource on how I can possibly reset the bootrom for this device

- is it even possible?

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As an addendum, every now and then I'll get this message on powerup: System Bootstrap, Version 12.3(8r)YH6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support:

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Correcting the primary nv_flash

But other than that its ANSI characters...

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No, there isn't a way to reset the MON ROM system on any Cisco. Sounds like it is corrupted beyond only the factory fixing it.

Smartnet would be your best bet assuming you are past your 90 days initial warantee period. CDW has the same Smartnet part at 3 different prices, probably pick the cheapest one ($75)? As well as another dozen parts. Or another reseller.

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Doug McIntyre

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