2821 - additional ports


teading the docus for the 2821 there are different modules available:

- hwic-1fe

- hwic-4esw

our (new) layout should look like

Internet(4Mbit) | | 2821 ---- internal-backbone (16Mbit)--- other sites | | 3560 | | | VLans

What are the differences between 1fe and 4esw for the above setup? If i understand the docs correctly, the 4esw is like the 3560 (routing in software between the other ports and local VLANS, but that shouldnt bee an issue with 20MBit)

Are there any other issues?



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Chris Loew
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FE port is a routed port, you can create subinterfaces on it... with 802.1q encapsulation ESW acts as a 3560, you can put a port in VLAN, and then IP address on that VLAN interface

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Havoc 25

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