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I am writing from CT / USA and I am trying to sell my CCIE Kit. Hope I am NOT in violation of any rules associated with this newsgroup.

More than a year ago I was all passionate about doing the CCIE, so I bought a CCIE Kit from one of Ebay's CCIE vendors. Since then, my IT career has taken a sharp change in direction and now my focus is IT Security & Project Management. Since buying the Kit I have NEVER used it. It sits in my basement. I would like to SELL the CCIE Kit to acquire additional funds so that I can pursue the Security (CISSP) & Project Management (PMP) dimensions of IT.

I paid more than $ 8,000 for my kit but I will sell for about $ 6,000 (or slightly less) as is. Note the accessories included as freebies. Note that the 25xx routers are used. The other items are new.

Here is what I have in the CCIE Kit:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROUTERS & SWITCH: 1 Cisco 2502 - 2 Serial Ports, 1 Token Ring Port 4 Cisco 2507 - 2 Serial Ports, 1 Ethernet Port 1 Cisco 2511 - 2 Serial Ports, 1 Ethernet Port, 16 Asynchronous Ports, TERMINAL SERVER 2 Cisco 2514 - 2 Serial Ports, 2 Ethernet Ports 1 Cisco 2516 - 2 Serial Ports, 1 Ethernet Port, 1 ISDN BRI Port 1 Cisco 2520 - 4 Serial Ports, 1 Ethernet Port, 1 ISDN BRI Port, FRAME RELAY

1 Cisco 2610 - 1 Ethernet Port, 2 WIC-1T's (2 Serial Ports), 64/16 RAM, includes NM-1V with VIC-2FXS Modules 1 Cisco 2611 - 2 Ethernet, 1 WIC-2T (2 Serial Ports), 1 WIC-1B-U ISDN NT1 Port, 64/16 RAM, includes NM-1V with VIC-2FXS Modules 1 Cisco 3550-24-SMI Switches Layer 3 12.1.13 EMI IOS Image 1 ISDN Simulator

ACCESSORIES: All Routers Maxed Out - 16 Mb Flash & 16 Mb Ram

20- FREE Ethernet Cables 8- FREE DCE/DTE Crossover Cables 10- FREE AUI Transceivers 14- AC Power Cords 2- OCTAL Cable 1- Console cable kit

3 CD's Packed with FREE Training material worth $Thousands$ CCIE Training Labs/Workbooks I paid $$$ for (New 1-Day Format) Routing & Switching AND Security!


If you get me ANGRY I will even throw in a FREE CCIE training course from

formatting link
Maybe someone wants to exchange their CISSP training course for my CCIE training course.

If you are interested then give me a shout (860 895 -1201) and lets negotiate. First come first served. Best offer accepted.

Thanks, Jo. Tele 860 895 1201

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Unfortunately for you, there have been several model updates as well as changes to the CCIE exam has moved on a bit since you bought all the this kit. The two big changes are that Token Ring and VoIP are no longer part of the R&S exam, and ISDN goes at the end of the year.

However, ISDN is still part of the BCRAN and CCIE (SP) exams, Voice routers are still in demand for real-world implementations.

If you truly paid $8000 for this only 12 months ago, I'm sorry, but you were ripped off. TR was already dead then, and you shouldn't have spent money on that kit. That Voice and ISDN were restructured out since your purchase is just bad luck with the timing.

If I had your kit and wanted to max out my return, I'd break it up to sell. Alternatively, you could put it on E-Bay as a bulk-pack, and somebody else may buy it to break up. Look on ebay for the individual components to give you a true idea what its worth.

What's worth money:

- 2511 is still a solid console server. Everybody needs one.

- 2520 is a reasonable 4 port FR switch. Its a shame you don't have the more valuable 2522.

- The 2610/2611 with the nm-1V and FXS ports will be worth money to somebody, tho not part of the CCIE certification. Also, because its compatible with the newer routers, The NM-1V on its own is worth more than the older router chassis.

- Cat 3550-24 are still a serious part of the CCIE, and you'll easily get a grand or more for this, especially if its new. Everybody needs one.

- The DB60 Cross over cables. Don't gives these away! They are probably worth as much as some of your routers. Sell them to get something back on your investment!

- All your training materials. People pay money for this!

What's not:

- The rest of the 2500 series. These are now old. You might get $50-$100 for each of them if you are lucky. Ebay is definitely your best bet to get the best price. The 2507 and 2516 are selling for $50 a pop.

- The ISDN Sim. The bottom has dropped out of the ISDN Sim market since the change was announced on Aug 1. If its got a PRI port, its worth money as these are useful for CCIE (SP). Chances are its just a basic

2-port V-console.

So taking the best scenario, say you get $2k for the switch, $1k for all the 2500s and $500 each for the two 2600 series, you are looking at $4k for your Cisco hardware. To get close to your desired sell price, you are going to want to sell your cables and software, not give them away. You might be able to set up sub-bundles, but if you put it all in one hit, you'll be lucky to pull $3000 for the lot. Have a look on ebay for "CCIE lab" and see just how cheap stuff's going for now.

Good luck. Its a shame you are taking the hit without earning the CCIE. However, the PMP and the CISSP are both worthwhile certs. (I'm also nearly a PMP, and even the study I've done looks great on the resume).


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You may also want to investigate:

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as well as

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Brad Reese BradReese.Com Cisco Repair Service Experts

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Hendersonville Road, Suite 17 Asheville, North Carolina USA 28803 USA & Canada: 877-549-2680 International: 828-277-7272

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If you would be willing to break it up I am interested in the 2511 and the 2514's and the ethernet trancievers. Email me at

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