Just thinking about starting to study for CCIE - Looking for 1 or 2 books to study from, before taking the written test. I guess that the Ciscopress R&S exam certification guide is the best one to start with? Do Sybex do a similar book? and is 1 book enough. Any recomendations?

Thanks Mike

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i think the most recent sybex book is a little out of date - but that being said there is probably information in it that is still relevant. i took my R/S ccie written in 2002 and passed easily using (what was at that point) the most recent sybex ccie book. i would use the sybex as a supplemental study guide only - just omit stuff that you dont see in the current written blueprint. i've also heard good reviews about the ciscopress book though. beyond those books, i would review your ccna, and ccnp books (except for CIT) - assuming you did those certs. cisco's own documentation website has great stuff also. there is honestly probably enough there to where nobody ever really needs to buy a book. it's just not nicely organized according to the blueprint.

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check this list of books:

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I just passed my CCIE R&S written a couple weeks ago and just studied the CiscoPress IE Exam Guide book. Read that and you should be good. I found the IE written to be much easier than the NP exams. Good Luck!

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Im already a good way through the Ciscopress R&S book and finding it ok so far. Is the written exam easier than the NP exams ?? I would have thought it would be much tougher. Anybody else find the same ??


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