help with CLI to add nat port foward

can anyone kindly tell me CL instructions on how to remove an access list and to add a Nat rule to allow incoming port 5900 on a Cisco router?

all I want is to be able to use VNC

I would really like to learn IOS but don't have the time

many many thanks in advance

the router has an access list put there by the old maintainers whom we don't use any more. They offered to take it out at a huge cost, hence my desire to DIY.

btw it's a Cisco ADSL modem / router

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You will need to post the config to get specific advice about what to change but hide any usernames and passwords first.

Also, VNC users two TCP ports, 5800 and 5900 so you will need static translations for both for this to work.

Regards Robert

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thanks Rob, i will on monday as I can't even telnet into it ecept via the LAN re VNC I only want 5900 (vnc viewer logins only) , no need for browser/java based log ins

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