Here We Go Again...

Running through the Cisco Press practice exercises for the 640-821 Intro exam and it says I missed the simulation question where you configure a password and login prompt for a telnet session.

I replied:

conf t line vty 0 4 password cisco login

The practice exam marked it Incorrect and said the correct answer was:

conf t line vty 0 4 login password cisco

When I try their way on a live 2501 router I get an error saying:

% Login disabled on line 2, until 'password' is set % Login disabled on line 3, until 'password' is set % Login disabled on line 4, until 'password' is set % Login disabled on line 5, until 'password' is set % Login disabled on line 6, until 'password' is set

I sure hope the real exam has this right. I'm going with what my router says, not what the practice exam says.

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I believe either way works. The message you receive on your router is not really an "error," but more of a warning. It's simply stating that the "login" command that you entered won't take affect until you enter a password (which you do on the next line).

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Also, make sure you go to the cisco website and download any patches for your cisco press software. There is also a dozen+ page document listing all the errors they made in the book. Unbelievable.

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The practice exam is wrong; your alternate sequence works.

This is the more common sequence, and your best bet on an exam.

This is not an error. It's a friendly reminder to enter a password.

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