Using SSH to connect to a Catalyst 1900 switch


Can anyone tell me how to connect to my Catalyst 1900 switch using SSH? I can connect without problem to the console using a rollover cable in my PCs COM port but I'd also like to connect via the switches IP address. I can't find any documentation on how to set a password for an SSH (or Telnet) session in the switches configuration & when I try to connect using puTTY I get the message "Network error: Connection refused"? I'm starting to think that maybe the 1900 can't accept SSH or Telnet connections but I doubt this very much.

TIA, Jason.

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This should help:

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conf t line vty 0 4 login password cisco wri mem

That will get you telnet access, as far as SSH I beleive you have to have a certain IOS train to use SSH.

You do have an IP address on the switch already, correct? Can you ping the address?

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Chad Mahoney

Chuck it out, and buy a switch that hasn't been EOL'd since almost before ssh existed (exagerating here)? The generation after this one didn't support SSH either..

You can telnet to it when you configure remote access in the menus. Read up on the docs here.

Network Management Menu->IP Configuration Menu Setup your IP address and password.

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Doug McIntyre

Chad Mahoney wrote in news:

I have now successfuly connected via Telnet so thanks very much.

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Doug McIntyre wrote in news:473c8c71$0$90430$

Yeah I'm starting to gather that. I'm studying for my CCNA & I inherited the lab I'm using from a friend who did his CCNA a few years ago. Much of the syntax also differs quite a lot from the Catalyst 2960 that my study book uses to give examples, which is quite frustrating; can you recommend something more modern that I might be able to pick up on eBay fairly cheaply?

Thanks, Jase

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