Cisco Universe CD


I am looking for some information on "Cisco Universe CD".

  • What is this and what is its purpose ? * Where is it available ?

Thanks, John.

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,it contains all the documentation about cisco products and softwares and access to it is available for restrictions or password required.

Thanks Aman

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I love the copyright at the bottom of the page. (1989-2008). Talk about your forward thinking!

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UniverCD (not Universe CD) is the OLD name for the Cisco documentation, and the old format.

It used to be distributed on CD, and is also on the website.

That name is long since retired.

Docs are still available on CD, but search is dramatically limited. The technology of the CD based docs has always been limited. Better to read the docs on the web.

The site

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is the link to the old format of the docs, and is still maintained, but poorly.

The new documentation root is

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Or navigate from the home page.

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