Where do i begin?

Im thinking of obtaining the Cisco certification but have no idea where to start? How to book the exam? Marterials? Etc Can anyone help.

Note: I dont work in the IT Industry, but would like too, is that a problem?

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Craig Davies
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Hi Craig,

CCNA is the entry-level Cisco networing certification. It's a great choice if you're aiming for your first networking job.

It will cost you around $500. Make sure you get the latest books. You will use most of what you learn in the real-world.

  1. You need to pass two exams, INTRO and ICND.
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  2. You need study materials. Two standard choices: a. Cisco Press publishes the definitive guide. b. Sybex publishes a less-rigorous but more-readable guide. It doesn't cover NAT in enough detail--read up on NAT online.

  1. You need hands-on practice. Two standard choices: a. Google CCNA Rack Rental. Pay /day for a 2-3 day rental Real hands-on knowledge also helps in job interviews. b. Google CCNA Router Simulator. Pay 0 for unlimited access.

  1. (Optional) Quiz yourself with practice questions a. Google 640-811 practice questions. Pay - max. If the test-writer is a CCNA/CCNP/CCIE, even better. Boson is ok. TestKin, AllCertKiller, and RealExamQuest suck.

  1. Register for the exams a.
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    Good Luck.

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If your budget is tight, cut your costs in half by taking the 640-801 intro + icnd combo exam. This route is harder for a newbie.

"Budget Approach": 640-801 exam $125 exam + $35 Sybex book + $30 practice Qs + $20 rack rental = $210

"Comprehensive Approach": 640-811 + 640-821 exam $200 exams + $50 cisco book + $40 practice Qs + $40 rack rental = $330

Your average CCNA makes $70,000 base salary + benefits, but maybe half that if you have zero IT experience and no degree.

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Where did that stat come from ?

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John Agosta wrote:

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