Have 2502 routers, what now??

Hello guys,

just got 3 x 2502 routers, and would like to learn for ccna.

Got only 1 terminal and 1 cable. What else do I need to setup small cisco lab for testing and to learn for ccna??? How to connect them in network? Do I need more cables and terminals?? Do I need any other peace of software??

Any idea and advice is more than welcome.

Very sincerely,

Dino Kusturica

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dino k
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To connect them to ethernet, you will need an extra router that has a ethernet interface. Furtermore you will need serial DTE/DCE cables to connect the routers together and act like a WAN system.

YES, since you have token-ring routers you better wire them up to a token-ring MAU (can be found on ebay for very cheap prices)

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