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Hi All,

Im just getting started with my home lab. I have managed to obtain a

3ft high comms cabinet and a couple of patch panels.

I will be getting a terminal server so I can config my gear whilst its way up in the loft out of the way in the comms cabinet.

I have 3 switches and 3 routers at the moment and knowing me will have more in the future. What I wanted to know was how many Cat 5 cables do I need to run to my lab ?

I know I will have one to my terminal server, but I have not got to any lab work yet in my ccna study yet, so I dont know if the lab tests require me to have a cat 5 connection to each switch for lab testing etc?

Cheers !

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You need as many cables as devices you need to connect to eachtother at the same time. So if you have to connect three switches togheter, and these three with an router, you need four cables, plus one for the terminal server.

The best you can do is buy like 10 cables. That should be enough for a while. Cat5 cable's aren't expensive anymore, so maybe you should have some spare.

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Thanks for the reply, however that wasnt quite what I meant. My lab will be in my loft. I know I need 1 cat5 cable to run to the terminal server to control my gear but do I need to bring a feed back from my switches. At the moment I have 3 switches I will be able to configure them through the terminal server, but the ports on the switch will be in the loft.

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