Stupid question, perhaps... 2521 router

In the process of assembling a collection of hardware for a home lab, I wasn't paying attention and picked up a 2521 router, with Token Ring as opposed to Ethernet. (Actually, so do the two 2612s I have, but I digress.)

Not wanting this machine to go to waste, and not having dealt with Token Ring before, I'm wondering:

1) Can the token ring adapter be plugged directly into the router, or is a MAU required? 2) Near as I can gather, a TR cable is not wired like a standard ethernet cable. Is the pinout the same on both ends of the cable, or is one end flipped, like a rollover?

Thanks in advance...

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"Evil Joe" Schmuckatelli
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1) NO, absolutly NO; you need a MAU or TR-switch to form your Token-ring There is no way of "back-to-back" connecting on TokenRing
2) NO, the wiring is different from ethernet cabling, sygnaling is even way more different. Since you need a MAU, there is only one type of cabling to connect hosts. There are despite TWO different types of connectors, the old archaic IBM ones and RJ45 You can (with the correct wiring sheme) use simple RJ45 connectors and CAT-4 cable (or better) And it is no problem to mix connector types at the ends (you can have a MAU like this one ->
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have RJ45 on the other ends)

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I figured that was the case between adapters, but wasn't sure if that applied between adapter and router (although it seems obvious in hindsight). So it seems I *did* waste my money in getting this router. Ah, well -- my fault entirely.

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Joe Schmuckatelli
2521 isn't a waste, just use the 10 serial interfaces as your frame switch. You can use the other token ring routers too, you just can't connect them to Ethernet. Add loopback interfaces as necessary.

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Marc Russell

*Ten* serial interfaces?

Actually, the 2612s do have one ethernet interface each. For those, at least, I did some research. :-)

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