Stripping RG6

I am planning to strip some RG6 and RG6/QS coaxial cable.

I have some questions:

A) From what I have read on the Internet, is this the proper way to strip:

For RG6 Dual Shield, fold back the outer braid, leave the foil.

For RG6 Quad Shield, remove the outer braid and outer foil, fold back the inner braid, and leave the inner foil.

Why does the braid have to be folded back: can it just be cut off?

B) From Radioshack I bought a pack of crimp F connectors for RG6. On the label it says "NOT for RG6/QS", but the connectors look just like the ones for RG6/QS.

Do the F connectors for RG6/QS have a different inner core than those for RG6 Dual?

C) If I perform a bad crimp and short the inner conductor to the outer layers, what is the worst that could happen? Could I damage the inputs to a cable modem or TV? Could a power surge or other accident cause a spark or fire?

D) Before cutting coaxial cable, do I have to call the cable company to power off the line?

Thank you.

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has a very good link to an article on drops. There is a tutorial with pictures towards the end of the article. It is simply labeled "Drops."

To maintain shielding integrity.

You would be much better off using compression connectors.

It isn't the inner core that is different. The distance between the bonded foil and the outer braid is greater on quad than on standard cable. Standard cable has just a foil layer and a braid layer. Quad has foil+braid+foil+braid.

Nothing will work. No fires, just won't work.

No. Drops just carry R.F.


Ed N.

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