Installing S-n-S connectors on quad shield

Hi Guys,

I bought some compspec quadshield to upgrade the ancient coax in my house. I also bought some T&B purple connectors and a coax stripper.

Last night I gave this a shot - I adjust the coax stripper to cut just through the outer coating and leave the wire braid intact and then folded it back.

Now the trouble started . . . WOW! What a struggle to get the coax shoved up into the connector!

I just did a net search and a couple places say when you use quad shield to adjust the cutter to cut through the outer jacket, outer wire braid and outer foil, which would just leave another layer of wire braid and foil.

I would see where that would make things easier, but is that the proper way?

If not, any tips on exactly how to fight that darn connector down onto the connector?



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Got an answer . . . the proper way is to remove the outer pvc jacket and the outer wire braid and foil, which leaves another wire braid and foil before the center insulator and wire. Just fold back the 2nd layer of braid and the connector goes right on!


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