Finishing basement, suggestion on RG6 cable needed

So I'm finishing my basement, and am running all the data/com lines. Obviously I want the best cable I can afford for future-proofing (if there is such a thing).

I can't decide between a single RG6 for everything (satellite and cable TV), or one high-end for satellite and a cheaper one for cable. I thought it would be best to use one for everything, but due to cost I am not sure if high-end low loss digital cable would be overkill for CATV (I should note though that I do have broadband cable modem).

For the all-in-one cable, I am looking at Belden 7916A, which is quad shield RG6 sweep tested to 3Ghz. I am not sure if I really need quad, but thought it might be best for the CATV runs.

Or, I could get Belden 1694A (low loss RG6 swept to 3Gz, non-quad) for satellite and a cheaper RG6 for cable.

Or, just get the 1694A for everything.


PS- recommendations for network cable welcome too (looking at Commscope ultramedia)

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BIOSMonkey wrote in news:

I concur, conduit is one of the best ideas.

As for cost of the cabling, if you're finishing the entire basement, I would think that the cost of decent cabling is negligible in the grand scheme of things.

I did a quick search on the Belden Quad Shield P/N you supplied, and the second hit had it for $125/1000 ft.

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I'll third that motion. If you don't run conduits to each location then at least run it between major distribution points. Like a 4" riser going from the basement to the attic (or a pair of 3-inchers). This way you at least have a clear shot and getting more stuff pulled between the hard places.

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