Basic UTP tool advice

I'm looking at the Fluke Micromapper and would like recommendations for similar tools from other manufacturers. About the only feature the Fluke doesn't have that I'd like is the ability to hook up to bare wire and test cable and the punchdown at the far end.

I could make a bare-wire adapter with an RJ45 plug and some aligator clips but it wouldn't be color coded and be a mess. I'd pay a couple bucks for something factory made. It doesn't even have to be from the company that makes the tester.

Any suggestions ?

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Al Dykes
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They make testers too, but adapters like you mention should work with any tester.

I have a Linkmaster Pro XL (in addition to my Microscanner Pro), and I think it came with a bare wire adapter. I bought it for the 8 included remotes, in addition to its coax and voice testing capabilities.

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