Zoom 5041 compatibility with Netgear routers

I recently purchased a Zoom 5041 cable modem and am able to successfully connect a single computer to the modem and get to the internet. When I try to connect my router to the modem, it appears that the router is unable to obtain an ip address from the modem (per my cable internet provider).

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm using a Netgear MR314 wireless router (connecting via ethernet wire for tests) and my cable internet provider is RCN.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Robert Eovine
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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com (Robert Eovine) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:

Did you reboot the cable modem to release the IP address? If that doesn't work, try calling RCN to release your IP address on the modem to allow another device to connect to it. If RCN won't do that... you may have to clone your router's MAC address in the Router's administration screen.

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Lucas Tam

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