Connect via wireless router and ip addresses

I have just bought a Netgear WG614 router with a Netgear WG511. My OS is WinXP Home SP2.

I am having problems connecting. Sometimes I connect and it can be online for hours. Other times it keeps cutting out and the only way I can get back on is to unplug the router for a minute and put it back on. I get various error messages including: Limited resources...the network did not assign a network address... Could not renew IP address

Sometimes it logs on but there is no traffic at all, sometimes I cannot even log on even though I can see the network when I go to View Available Wireless Networks

Sorry if I am not including enough details but I am new to this and have tried to read through the manual and troubleshoot but have found it very confusing.

My router settings are... Internet IP Address: get dynamically from ISP DNS Address: get automaticaly from ISP Router MAC Address: use default address

I use NTL cable broadband.

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