Linksys wireless router: cruddy or hacked?

I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 version 2 wireless router, connecting several home machines to the cable modem.

Unfortunately, for the last day, Internet connection has been down. One wireless-connected machine reached the net, the others including the machine wired directly into the router, did not.

I called the cable company for their report on outtages.They have no problem; we do. They suggested I unplug the router, wait and plug it back in. This worked right away.

(I was ready to reinstall network connection drivers and Winxp and everytrhing else on one system.)

Is this a Linksys quality problem or a security problem? We have run no firewall on the router and the password has been the default one, untill now.

Should I switch to another brand of router? Or tighten up on security?

The keeper of the router and the cable modem, a non-tech user, assures me this happens every so often and is no big deal.

I had originally thought this was an ISP problem, but now the Linksys router looks suspect.

Thanks for your help.

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Probably just sloppy firmware - I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts getting out of hand.

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Absolutely the first thing to do with connectivity problems is to power down the modem, router, and computers. Wait a minute, then power up the modem and when its lights have stabilized, bring up the router and computers. This brings the modem and router into compliance with a new IP address that might have been issued, clears the MAC address table in the modem when you change the device connected to the modem, etc., and frequently fixes problems similar to yours.

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He is correct. It seems to happen with most routers. Not anything to get upset about. Sometimes you may want to cycle your cable modem, router, and computer together. No one seems to know what causes this problem.

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