Is my ISP filtering not only with MAC addresses????


First of I would like to apologize if Im posting in hte wrong group but I simply dont know where else I should post my problem.

I am having a strange problem with my ISP. I have a home wireless network with a d-link router (DI - 624+). I used

to share my internet connection from my previous ISP with this router. I just changed my ISP and the situation is like this:

I figured that it is possible that this ISP will be using MAC filtering

so I changed the MAC of my computer NIC with the one on the WAN port on

the router (before noticing that the router had MAC cloning) and removed the router when the ISP installation guys came. I was right about the MAC filtering cause the guy wrote down the MAC address. Everything worked fine so they left. After that I restored the original

MAC on the comp. NIC and connected the ISP cable to the router. IP config.from the ISP set by DHCP. The WAN port got the config. I was able to ping the ISP gateway but not the DNS servers. I switched back the connection to my computer and everything worked. So I veryfied that

MAC filtering is one by changing the MAC and trying to release/renew my

IP. It didn't renew. So my question here is..... Can my ISP be setting some additional information from their users computers to identify them? or could they be checking each packet for hop-count?

Any suggestions? Thanx.

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update your router firmware. release/new must work. clone the computer Mac into that shown by the router to the ISP and all should flow correctly. done that before!

as to PING on the DNS; it is not required that a DNS reply to a ping -- just an open request on port 53. use NSLOOKUP to verify dns operations.

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