Dell 2300 comments anyone?

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I will be setting one up for home broadband access for several laptops
in a few days.  All recent Dell laptops and internal wireless or PC card.

I don't expect any problems, but if you know of any, I would appreciate
some advance warning.


Re: Dell 2300 comments anyone?

You shouldn't have any problems getting your devices connected to the

internet wirelessly, however, getting the devices to share files and

printers might turn our to be a headache.  Therefore, I suggest that

you disable your firewall, specifically your software firewall, until

you have completed your mission.  If you will be using a wireless

router or an Access Point, make sure your devices support WEP, WPA or

WPA-PSK encryption.  Do not leave your network traffic unsecured.  Good

luck and let us know how it turns out.


doug Jamal

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