Help needed setting up wireless home connection

Hi all, I recently got DSL at home and bought a Linksys wrt54G in order to get wireless for my labtop as well as getting a free firewall packaged in.

Anyway, I also have a couple machines on the other side of my room and rather then buy individual wireless cards for all of them, I got a NetGearME102 access piont, which as I understand it can do bridging. What I want to do is setup the NetGear ME102 as a wireless bridge so that I can use it's ethernet port and a hub on the other side of hte room to connect the other computers.

The problem is I can't seem to get it to work -- am I completely off as to weather or not this should be able to work. (I have very little wireless experience -- but I dont see why it wouldnt work) Isn't this exactly what a bridge is supposed to do? Is the problem that one is a linksys and the other is a netgear? Since they both talk the standards I would think brand isn't important.

Anyway, any tips or actually just confirming this should be able to work would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, ---Brian

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Brian Snyder
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"> Hi all, I recently got DSL at home and bought a Linksys wrt54G in order

I checked the ME102 product sheet and I dont see that it can function as a wireless client, (i.e. ap client mode or repeater mode) although it does say it acts as a bridge between wired and wireless.


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