Napco panel stuck in configuration mode?

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Sorry if this shows up twice but the first post isn't visible so not sure if I
missed a step.

Yesterday I managed to lock myself out of my GEM-P1664 panel.  As it sits now,
all of my kepads show "out of system" just like when you have the panel in
Configuration mode.  I can even access the keypad configuration.  But I cannot
get out of this mode. It's like the system is stuck in configuration mode.  I
have moved the jumper back and forth and powered down the panel for a few hours
(battery disconnected as well).  System remains in "out of system" status.

I've always done the programming via the keypad (yes, I know that's brutal) as
I've never tracked down the Quickloader software.  This weekend I was
troubleshooting something and thought it was due in part to using multiple areas
on the panel.  I had two areas configured b/c I had disconnected zones and
wanted them sitting in Area 2 to keep the keypads from only showing the
disconnected zones.  So I had all the functioning contacts sitting in Area 1 and
the keypads in Area 1.  So for troubleshooting I finished the disconnected zones
and moved everything to Area 1.  I noticed the keypads still had the "1" in the
corner and thought I must have something lingering b/c I didn't think keypads
showed any area notation when you were running a single area setup.  This is
where I botched it..... I went into the program for the keypads (1425 - 1430)
and deleted the nib for the area.  I had the 5 pads set to 1 but noticed the
default was blank so I deleted it.  When I exited program mode my kepads flipped
over to "out of system" and I'm stuck now.

Is there a trick here that I'm missing?  I don't want to start from scratch as
it's a fair amount of coding.  I did grab a copy of QuickLoader and have a PCI
Mini getting shipped to me but I'm nervous that the software won't be able to
connect either if the system is in this hung state.


Re: Napco panel stuck in configuration mode?
On Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 12:38:06 AM UTC-4, lay3r3 wrote:
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Not knowing exactly what you've done I can't predict whether the quick loader will be able to "see" the panel programming or be shut out because it may sees the panel as being in the configuration mode.  

I THINK  that you have just programmed the keypads into a non existent area but not sure.  

Once you get used to the Quickloader you'll never return to manual programing.

If responding just consolidate your posts to one thread.

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