NAPCO 1632 Panel

I am a consultant and have a customer that has the following issue with their NAPCO 1632 panel and the battery fault alarm.

Each Site has a GEM-1632 panel with a RB3008 There is no phone line associated with the systems Each site has three alarms that it gives to a "SCADA" systems process alarm panel via the RB3008 outputs. 1 For a burg alarm, 1 for Arm Disarm and 1 for a system trouble. With the system disarmed if I remove the battery I get an immediate system trouble annunciated at the keypad and the trouble output changes state. If the battery is plugged back in and the 'Reset" key pressed on the keypad the alarm resets. If the panel is armed and the battery is removed the alarm is not annunciated and the relay does not change state.

My questions are as follows.

Should the battery alarm be the same regardless of whether the panel is armed or disarmed? If both instances should be the same is this a programming error? If a programming error what is incorrect? If not a programming error how do I make both alarms come in instantly?

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Mr.Double-sided Tape

In other words he is simply an IT guy, and because he dinks with wires, his customer asked him about the security. Ching Ching, let me get you the answers, he figures, so he comes here for free info. The fact that it isn't monitored off site says they probably don't have a security vendor, even if for service. Oh well....15 more sets of hands in the same system.

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Bob Worthy

I'd suggest that you contact the dealer who installed it or call Napco technical.

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