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Forgive the naive prose, but I am trying to learn what I need to do for a simple DSL installation. My ISP offers it, but they want to sell you a ``preconfigured'' dsl modem for $100. I've already got one, so they told me ``all I need to do'' is set the modem to a bridge connection and all will be well. The details:

a) I have Speedstream 5100 dsl modem, an early one I read can only support bridge connections. Only an on/off button on it *they call it I/O). It connects to an ethernet port.

b) My PC is an old IBM one with a 650Mhz cpu (fast enough for me) and ethernet support built into the board and hardware.

I am told the most simple DSL connection requires that I get a crossover instead of a straight through ethernet cable. Set up an ethernet lan connection to my modem, and ``configure'' the modem for bridge connection.

I've been told there is a way to use my browser to configure the modem, by surfing to the ip address of (my ISP's ?) router? I have not router on my side.

Please advise or point me to literature about how to set up my connection in windows and configure this modem.

Thanks in advance. I have consistently heard connection horror stories from friends when they try to install dsl, and want to avoid as much frustration as possible.

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Howard Schwartz
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5100 with 4 lights (power, ethernet, dsl, activity)=5100A is automatically bridged. you will need a pppoe client (built in to windows xp, available for others) or a pppoe capable router 5100 with 5 lights (power, ethernet, dsl, internet, activity)=5100B can be bridged as above, but also has a built in pppoe client that can connect for you.

ok there

wrong, straight through only, no crossover. 5100b is most easily set to bridge mode by tapping the reset button inside the bottom.

the modem is acting as a router in this case (if it is the 5100B). if you have a 5100A see note above about pppoe.

which windows and which modem (A or B)?

don't forget filters for the other devices on the phone line...

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Kay Archer

Heaven knows I tried to be clear with ``an early one can only support bridge connections''. Did not work. But this phrase I meant 5100A with only 4 lights. Translation, ``bridge only''.

"Kay Archer" wrote in news:9z6cg.75708$F

I do not understand this. My ISP tells me they support only a bridged connection, not a pppoe one. Why then do I need the latter on the client side? If I do need it, might I just as well buy a hub instead of a router, so I can network my 2 pcs?

As mentioned, I do NOT have a 5100B speedstream, with a ppoe client.

Is this true, if, as my ISP told me, I just connect the phone jack to the modem, and modem direct to the ethernet port on my PC? No router, no hub in between.

Since I have a 5100A, with bridge only: Need I do nothing? Do you mean, with a 5100B -- I remove the outer case revealing the circuit board, and I will find a reset button inside?

Do not understand this. I only a pppoe client configurable, not the modem itself?

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Howard Schwartz

[some snipped]

Are you using static or "sticky" IP addresses? What ISP? The one I am familiar with (ATT) requires PPPoE on all connections (with the exception of some legacy accounts, any change to those accounts and you must go PPPoE).

In the case of static IP addresses and no requirement for PPPoE, then a hub could work.

[snipped 5100B info]

with filters on all the other phone devices.


Do you

the reset button is accessable (with a paper clip or other tool) without opening the case

only on the 5100B. the 5100A is a 'dumb' device

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