BT Voyager 2500v locked to ISP

I have a Voyager 2500v but cannot get it to log onto PlusNet (or any other ISP for that matter). It has a program that lockes it to btbroadband only. There are other modems that have been locked by BT this way but there are "hacks" to get around this.

Those hacks do not work on the 2500v. Well they only allow the modem to say "connecting" but it times-out and defaults back to btbroadband again.

There must be a way around it. Does anyone know? Can anyone help please?

I have copied the instructions on getting around earlier BT locks below. this is not my fix but was taken from

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"I just bypassed the domainLock on a new BT voyager [220V] that I was trying to get working on Eclipse for a friend.

No need to mess about with firmware or process lists, the solution really is incredibly simple thanks to a little JavaScript magic :)

  1. Navigate (using Internet Explorer, FireFox is untested) to this URL: (replace IP with whatever your voyager is) The purpose of this is to make the connect page the only frame - other frames screw up the JavaScript below.

  1. Open Notepad, and type in the following text exactly as it appears: javascript:function C1() { if (domainLock == 1) { domainLock = 0; } } C1(); (the above must be all on 1 line).

  2. You will notice that the connect page in your router refreshes every
10-20 seconds or so. After the next refresh, immediately copy and paste the text in step 2 into the URL bar of Internet Explorer and hit ENTER.

  1. It will seem to you like nothing has happened - but now just enter (or preferably paste) your new ISP details in and hit connect - no more annoying "unsupported broadband service" message You must do all of this before the next refresh happens - so have everything ready in notepad for quick pasting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This worked for me *AFTER* I had actually set up my new ISP (Eclipse) in the router's Telnet CLI - you will have to do this first. WAN settings are always VPI:0 VCI:38 PPPoATM, VCMUX encapsulation, and most other stuff can be left as default except your new ISP details. The above 4 steps simply allow you to CONNECT with your new ISP details AFTER the details are saved in the router."

Regards Steph

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