BT and FON to offer free wireless WiFi nationwide

BT and FON have joined forces to create a Wi-Fi community that allows its members to connect for free in thousands of places around the UK and the world.

Any BT Internet/Broadband customer can join for free and those with BT Home Hubs can also be set up a HotSpot for other customers.

Anyone doing this seems to get:

- free access to other BT customers WiFi hotspots

- free access to BT Openzone hotspots

- free access to any FON Hotspot anywhere in the world.

Note: that is someone else uses your connection as a hotspot, it doesn't come out of your own usage allowance and contains security so they are 100% separated from your own home network

Anyone opting in will be sent a firmware upgrade to their Home Hub (if they have one) from Monday 8th October.

More details including FAQs and a forum at

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Regards Sunil

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Sunil Sood
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Fon't line is slightly different.. They say

You only get Free wifi when out if you offer it at home If you don't share you have to pay for access when out

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Gavin wrote: > You only get Free wifi when out if you offer it at home

Oh that's ass... I understand the importance of "play fair" but the forcing nature of that comment irks me a little.

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In message at 17:53:12 on Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Gavin wrote

This was on last week's Working Lunch on BBC2. The bit that you share out uses separate bandwidth to your own. Not sure how that's going to work - maybe there is some software to limit the bandwidth of the FON signal.

Also the person using your bandwidth has to be identifiable to BT.

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I think there is a difference here between a FON user and a BTFON one.

With FON you have to share WiFI.

However, if you are a BT Broadband customer who doesn't have or use a Home Hub then you are still allowed to use other Hotspots even if you are not sharing yourself.

Regards Sunil

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Sunil Sood

No I'm a fon user, and I asked that, after all the point of Fon is to share wifi, BT are just branding it.

Fon's line is A BT Fon user will only get free wifi if he shares his wifi at home. If he doesn't share he'll have to buy a day pass to use it. Thats at odds with the BTFAQ and the Fon team are trying to clarify it (you'd have thought they would have this ironed out before launch)

Personally I'm not happy with it unless that is the case, I have a fon router so I can use wifi when out, if the BT deal means a BT Fon user can use my wifi but I can't use his it defeats the point of me having FON router online.

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