Re: SBC-Yahoo is a scam?

I've been hearing quite a few complaints about SBC-Yahoo DSL service

>lately but I get to experience first hand recently! > >SBC-Yahoo DSL have been pumping out serious promotion luring people to >sign up for DSL service "at a price of dial-up". And to get this >special deal/promotion, the prospective customers must sign up ONLINE! >But the on-line process almost always "fails" to complete the process >with a rather vague reason: "Error 500".



Is SBC that sleazy or it is simply too incompetent to provide a >reliable on-line sign-up process? Either case, SBC-Yahoo DSL smells >like a stinking untrustworthy business. Here again, low prices usually >mean some traps are waiting for you down the road.

I figure that any company that's too incompetent to make a reliable web-based sign up process is incapable of running a reliable ISP.

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