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I sometimes am unable to access the WWW, or my ISP's mail and news servers. I can usually cure this by turning off power to everything, and then reapplying power.

Is there a preferred sequence for powering up my computer, DSL modem, and router? Is there a recommended delay time between turning a unit off and back on?

Many thanks!

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Power up the DSL modem and wait till the lights stop flashing.

Power up the router and wait for it's lights to stop flashing.

Power up the computer and wait for disk activity to stop.

I'd wait at least 10 seconds between turning something off and powering it back up again.

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William P.N. Smith

Start at the wan (closest to the Internet): modem, router, computer.

Each device gets information (DHCP, ip address, DNS addresses) from the previous device.

Ideally wait for each device to fully boot up, but 30 to 60 seconds for each device should be adequate.

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Kay Archer

I get this problem sometimes. To fix it, I just log onto the DSL modem and tell it to reboot itself. This always fixes the problem for me. The modem in an Actiontec GT-701-WG (qwest DSL).

Oddly, it only needs rebooting if I'm connected to it via ethernet. If it's by the USB port, it never has the problem.

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