No Verizon email, not bouncing back

I've had email forwarded to my account from, which is the registrar for my domain, mobopro dot com, for months now.

In the last 2-3 days, I've received no email sent to "dylan atsign mobopro dot com". It also hasn't been returned to the sender.

Verizon support wan't any help and Gandi are useless at responding.

Does anybody know any way to track down exactly where the problem is? I don't want to end up in the middle of any fingerpointing or worse, be ignored because neither thinks it's their problem.

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In article , mobopro writes

I'd guess that Verizon are blocking it. They appear to be blocking all of the UK at present. The SMTP connection to just times out using our IP addresses in the UK but there appears to be no problem connecting from a US IP address (checking with etc).

Search Google for the thread with Message-ID:

PING works just fine, it's only SMTP connections on port 25 that are blocked.

I suspect they have adopted some strange filtering policy on their SMTP server.

We can't even email to report the problem (of course, there is a possibility that it is intentional rather than accidental). Perhaps someone can forward this to let them know, just in case.

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David Mahon

I have a similar problem with verizon email. I have trouble sending to, or receiving from, email addresses at specific domain located in Victoria, B.C. It only happens when using a Verizon email address to communicate with the domain located in Victoria. I believe there is blocking of the domain name happening at Verizon for incoming mail from this specific domain, but that doesn't explain why the problem happens when sending to them as well. I'm still trying to work this issue out with tech support, and it's been happening since the middle of November.


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By the way, I do get bouncebacks, but typically it takes at least 3 days to receive them. Perhaps you will get bouncebacks too after 3 days has elapsed.


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