My oninion of SBC DSL.

Over the last few days I have been posting several questions about SBC DSL. By the nature of these questions, I would seem to be saying that I hold the service in low regards. I just want to stop and be fair now. No matter who my ISP would be I would seem to be saying negative things, because that is the nature of problems. I now give what I believe to be a fair and balanced view of my experiences with SBC.

Basically SBC seems to setup their services so that the technical idiot can use it. They also try to prevent these people from showing how technically idiotic they can be, by putting masking tape around the hood. Having dealt with such before I can understand why they do this. ( "You mean that's not a cup holder?" )

Those who have gone through it before are not going to have much trouble with SBC, but they should make sure to ask questions ( like which modem they send ).

The people who can handle technically tough stuff, but know very little about DSL are the people who will have the most problems. Unfortunately several of their salespeople are a bit confused. So learn what you are doing.

If I were starting over would I go with SBC? Well, I would first read up on things, and asked questions here. A few years ago I used to glance over dslreports hoping broadband would fall to where I can afford it. Unfortunately they completely reformated it and I found the new version confusing. If so my experience would have been a lot less painful. So I would say I probably would go with SBC.

Thanks all for your help.

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Just a brief comment..... No matter who you choose for DSL, you are always going to be provided the facility, and SLA SBC has to offer seeing as they are your local provider. The only difference will be who your ISP is........ "Earthlink sucks" Do they? Why? Because your connection always dies? Well..... lets figure out what SBCs problem is before we crucify Earthlink. There isnt much to a pppoe conneciton and it usually ends up stemming from telco problems. Not that anybody mentioned Earthlink..... :)

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