Kinds of connectivity over ADSL.

Hi all,

I have been looking for all of kinds of access provided by ADSL vendors for their customers. The only ones I know are

PPPoE (with dynamic/static IP address) PPPoA (with dynamic/static IP address) MPoA (I know only the name, I don't know really how it is used) RFC1483 ()

Does anyone know a link that reports what I'm looking for? I would write a document gathering all kinds (or the great part of them) of ADSL and providing a minimum of explanations about them in just one document.


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Don't have a link, but look into

pppoa vc-muxed or llc pppoe vc-muxed or llc rfc1483 bridged rfc1483 routed

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their customers.

document gathering all kinds (or the great

just one document.

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