Actiontec GT-701WG Error Logs

On mine I use to access the modem. You will find the signal level info under the "Status" menu followed by choosing the "WAN Status"

Other than the real time values found in the Status selections the log found under the "Utilities" menu just gives the connection information on my box.

There appears to be no real time logging of the line quality available for viewing.

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I have a Qwest Actiontec GT-701WG DSL Modem. Is there any way to look at error logs or statistics for the DSL line? I was having DSL retrain problems on my line with my Cisco 678 modem. Qwest asked me to upgrade to the Actiontec, but now I suspect that I am still having disconnect problems, but I can't figure out any way to see if the line is retraining or what the signal strength is when I am using the Actiontec modem.


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Mike Schumann

I don't know about error logs on the Gt701 per se, but the raw error counts and SNR margin are on the WAN Status page on the Web interface. If you don't see the SNR margin, then you don't have the latest firmware in your box. It's on Qwest's Web site at

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If you're U*IX aware and feeling adventurous, you can telnet into the GT701 and wander around (it runs LINUX); maybe you'll find something. The userid and password are the same as you use on the Web interface.

If you find anything, be sure to post it here; I'd like to know myself.

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