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I have a Soho 91 router. My ISP assigned 8 static ip addresses to me (a subnet with /29 subnet mask). So, I have 6 public ip addresses I can use.

In the Cisco Router Web Setup I can only configure one public ip address. Is it possible to enter the other five or does the device support only one?

-- Kind regards, Dominik

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Why to specify all the IP addresses if you need, by now, just one? it's not a waste of addresses if you configure just one nor anyone else will use them if not reachable/"available". Use them to configure static NAT or whatever you need, do not just add all to the same interface. Anyway you can add them specifiying the option "secondary" after the command ip address . They are not so useful as the primary but if you like to reach all of them from the world, you are free to do that. I have many ADSL lines where the provider gave me 8 addresses and I use just one. I agree with you that is a waste but is's provider business not mine (for business connectivity the provider I deal with gives a minimum of /29 network not less)

HTH Alex.

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Dear Alex,

AM schrieb:

waste of addresses if


the same interface.

business connectivity the

Thanks for you reply. I have to publish two servers that both use HTTPS. So they use the same port number and I have to give them two distinct public IP addresses.

In the PAT menu I can define the ports the incoming ports I like to open and to what internal port I like to forward them. But that works only for the single public IP address, I specified in the wizard.

So, if I understood you right: I log on to the console, define the second public IP address as secondary address of the WAN interface and can then somehow define the port forwarding for the second server. Right?

-- Kind regards, Dominik

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